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Sells brand name designer watches from nearly all of the UKs leading fashion brands, including Citizen, Rotary and Guess. Secure online ordering as well as a sales hotline, open 7 days per week.

Customer Reviews

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    3 stars
    JC Landry said:
    Had a bad experience with them lately, My transaction would fail and cart would be reset. Items now were a at a higher price . Tried in vain to contact them through their help request department. No 800 phone number for Canada. Very glitchy website when you try to get assistance.
    Published on 28 June 2017
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    0 stars
    maggie said:
    At least 20 e mails - endless phone calls in which one customer service operator said they would call back the next day , when I questioned him about this as it was Christmas he suddenly remembered that they were not open . I have been sent the same watch twice - both times not working and finally the insult of 10 % of my next purchase - I used this company many times -- what happened ? Did they get too big ? last e mail from them asking if I liked their service and thanking me for mine ! this is the final e mail I sent - Dear Customer Desk Thank you for your mail , unfortunately the support I received was probably the worst I have ever had from any on line purchase - the fact that you have included all the many complaints her in this final e mail shows how crazy your team are . No - I do not want your lousy offer of 15% of any further purchase - what I really like is to send the watch back to you and get a full refund , but the reality is I would not get the refund or the watch back . What you can know is that I won't be buying from your store again. And that like any good marketing - when its good spread the word about fantastic products when its rubbish such as the case here ensure that all my friends would not dream of buying from you either. It would be great if this reached someone higher up in your organisation - someone who actually warranted the title of customer service. What a shame that a company that does have a great selection has gone so wrong.
    Published on 07 March 2016
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    1 stars
    Lindsay Gilbert said:
    I will never purchase an item again from the Watch Shop. I bought a watch for my mother for Christmas. Within a couple of hours of putting it on it stopped so I returned it straight away. They "monitored" it for a couple of days and said there was nothing wrong with it. I therefore asked for a refund under their unwanted items policy and they refused, saying there was wear and tear on the watch - there isn't (it had hardly left the box). I was given the option of them giving me a part refund, saying I would be charged for new parts for the watch (despite them providing good that were not fit for purpose in the first place) and could then have back any remaining money or having the watch back. I have reluctantly taken the watch back, which within a couple of hours of being worn, stopped yet again and now won't restart. Trading standards say that I am due a refund but Watch Shop won't listen. I am left with a dud watch. Fortunately the manufacturer (timex) have agreed to look at the watch under its guarantee. I recommend never buying from this company. Faulty products happen - the issue here is the appalling customer service and them breaking consumer rights.
    Published on 04 February 2016
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    0 stars
    Mike said:
    The two watches arrived promptly. The Marc Jacobs seemed fine and is still going but the Mondaine did not last long at all. The strap fell apart immediately and the entire movement (everything but the case and dial) needed to be replaced within months because it was loose and the hands were jamming. It cost $NZ129 to replace the movement with the same movement (a very basic swiss movement) which made me question whether the watch was original or even had the correct movement in it since the whole watch cost $NZ239. I would strongly recommend AGAINST buying anything from the watch shop.
    Published on 08 November 2015
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    0 stars
    John Payne said:
    Appalling Company!!!!1 Appalling after sales, refuse to let you speak to supervisor or manager to complain, and try to make out you haven't paid for new battery when you have and would not return watch. Only relented when threatened with legal action. 2 months to replace battery which ran out after just a few months on an expensive divers watch. Read reviews on some of the smaller sites like cylex if you want to know how bad this company is. Do not trust 5 star reviews on main sites, very suspicious and may be being written by representatives from company as a cover up. This company has some serious issues.Avoid like plague and go to a reputable high street retailer instead.You have been warned. I really do not know how they stay in business and I suspect the customer service staff are being bullied into giving a rubbish service by incompetent management. There are some really bad UK based companies and the is one of them. Watchshop;if you are listening, I can help you in a consultancy role to sort this mess out.Contact me if this is something you wish to take up!
    Published on 09 September 2015
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    0 stars
    jules Nancarrow said:
    Never use them. I bought a watch and after 2 months it stopped working. So I returned it to them. It took them 3 weeks to respond and when I got it back, the minute hand was 'floppy'. I contacted them and suggested that the watch was not of merchandisable quality and was prepared to pay extra money and upgrade to another watch. Their reply was that they had satisfied their legal requirements and would not respond to any further e-mails. Just like the other reviewer!! Rotary watches, so far, have been exemplary.
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    1 stars
    InfernalStorm said:
    Ordered a watch, got an emtpy package, wrote to ups delivery and them, after a few days ups sent the insurance money for the package to the shop, the shop didn't tell me. Only a week later I was told they can send another watch. I said I want my money back and suddenly they kept in silence. Also they wanted the empty package back. why? they didn't answer. and they have no fax number for provable transmission confirmation of documents. strange I think. Had to get my money back through the bank. I will never buy from them again!! Never!!
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    1 stars
    Richard Bishop said:
    Watch arrived fairly promptly. Went wrong (losing hours) within a month or so, so returned for replacement. Replacement displayed same behaviour so asked for refund. Apparently they won't credit you until the manufacturer gives them a credit note! They don't seem to know about consumer's rights so I wouldn't bother again and would recommend others use these people either.
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