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    Spent 5 years saving up for our dream honeymoon and decided to book with travelbag.Eleven days before we are due to travel I got an email from them saying the hotel we were staying at was undergoing refurbishment. Needless to say it has put us completely of staying there so we asked to be moved.He was sending us 4* accommodation and I said thehotel we booked was a 5*. He said it wasn't. I was really stressed by this point as the original was beach front and he was offering hotels 1000km from the beach. The hotels we were offered didn't compare and then he sent me a 5* which looked comparable but he said it would be more expensive £262 more to be exact.I didn't think we should have to pay more as we had already booked a 5* so I thought. He told me it was a 4* I said no its a 5*. He rushed us to book saying the hotel might not be available for long this was 9pm and if we wanted it we would need to book it as soon as possible.We couldn't really afford the extra money but the thought of spending 16 days at a building site was not my idea of a honeymoon. He rang us at 9.15 this morning and told us the price of the new hotel had gone up overnight but they were prepared to cover that but I had to agree to send him an email that he dictated word for word that I was prepared to cover the cost as full and final settlement otherwise they would not change me!I call that blackmail but felt we had no choice so I agreed. I then decided to check the original email that he sent because I was sure I wouldn't have made a mistake about a 5* and a 4* hotel it clearly stated the hotel was a 5*. I wouldn't have booked it if it was a 4* for the price we paid.I phoned the rep and told him and he asked me to forward the email. He had to agree it quite clearly states in black and white it says 5*. He said they had always sold it as a 4* and would have to get back to me as he hadn't come across this situation before. When he got back to me he then asked if I had read the travel documentation they sent. I checked the names the dates and the hotel name but I didn't notice it said 4*. I wasn't expecting them to lie about the hotel rating. I asked him if he had checked the information he sent me about the hotel...obviously not as he asked me to forward him the email...I would have thought travelbag would have refunded me the £262 which would be nothing to them but a considerable amount of money to me...But no they said I could stay at the original hotel or pay the extra. Abta asked me if I had the email they sent and they should offer like for like. I will be putting in a complaint as I thought we were paying for a 5* but against a big travel company not sure how far I will get.I feel our honeymoon is ruined before we have even left the country.. SHAME ON YOU TRAVELBAG....I CALL THAT MISSELLING....
    Published on 22 August 2015
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