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Tall and All

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Clothing for tall women from Tall and All at sensible prices.

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    Faith said:
    0 F*CKIN STARS!!!! I made this account just to warn anybody that is considering getting goods from this site: DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE. I live in the US so I know it may take longer but I have been waiting on my order for almost 2 months. Go to asos or alloy apparel if you need a longer length. Asos is based in the UK and I get my things in about a week maybe just a little longer. This store is ridiculously slow and unprofessional. No email confirmations, no customer service. Just below par. I got into contact with the store owner and she was non chalant in telling me that she was pretty much going to take her time shipping out my stuff, you have time to send an email but you can'y ship my shit out? Right. I spent almost $100 on this scam of a store. It really is not worth it. I just reported her to the US equivalent of the better business bureau. She had such poor reviews that I really don't feel like she should be operating a business. Seems like she gets the money and says to hell with it, I'll get to it when I get to it. If you have been victim of this crap I suggest you report her too. Thats the form you need to fill out.
    Published on 23 November 2016
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    3 stars
    Kate Phillips said:
    Please DO NOT SHOP AT TALL AND ALL Never answers the phone, took 4 months for the trousers to arrive. very disappointed in the quality, it was absoloutly rubbish. I sent the items back recorded delivery then wouldn't give me my £70 pounds back. Thankfully I found the receipt and eventually fought to get my money back through my bank. She really is a CROOK.
    Published on 15 July 2016
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    S said:
    Do not shop here. No refunds, slow/non-existant delivery (months), no customer contact (phone rarely answered, and the online enquiries you send from the shop's website are not copied and sent to your email address, so you have no record of having sent them - most importantly my enquiries have never seen a response from the shop either via email (I check my junk and inbox folders every day), phone, or letter). Delivery of goods takes weeks/months, if at all. Delivery took several weeks (around 2-4) when I ordered some items in summer 2013. I ordered some items in January 2015 and still hadn't received part of my order by mid-March 2015 so have asked for a refund for this. Judging by the reviews on other websites I am most definitely not alone in terms of the unacceptable delivery time, non-existent refunds, and lack of shop-to-customer communication. The items themselves are a wonderful fit and I believe this shop would have the potential to be a fantastic clothes company if it weren't for the abysmal customer service, lack of communication, and the fact they blatantly break their Terms and Conditions stated on their website; simply letting your customer know that an item is not in stock or that a delivery will take 3 months would be a lot more preferable to hearing nothing from them whatsoever.
    Published on 23 March 2015
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    0 stars
    Julie Martin said:
    This company do not answer their phones ever or reply to emails. I am waiting a refund for returned items. I am now reporting them today. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. The garments are thin material and poor quality.
    Published on 25 November 2014
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