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Pretty Little Thing

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Clothing, footwear and accessories. Free returns on UK orders.

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    2 stars
    Kirstie said:
    Bought two dresses last week, arrived fairly quickly and on day said it would be delivered, however products themselves were disappointing. One dress is ok and I will keep it, the other is terrible - a really cheap stretchy material, not at all like what was advertised! It looks awful! Overall not that impressed, probably won't buy anything else from here. Seems to be very hit and miss
    Published on 02 August 2017
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    0 stars
    Anne said:
    Poor customer service. Sell goods that break causing a ripped dress and cuts bruises. Then emails to say will send compensation for not be able to go to event booked for birthday and then back tracks and says it was a typing error. Don't buy foot ware from them. Not safe 😡
    Published on 12 March 2017
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    1 stars
    samantha blenman said:
    I placed a order on the 4th August. Somehow when the system processed it , 3 items were duplicated. I emailed the company straight away, n was told it was to late to amend the order but wen the duplicated items were received to send them back. To my utter amazement wen the parcel came the delivery note stated 9 items yet only 6 items were enclosed. This was the start of my nightmare with pretty little thing. How it's possible to pack 6 and list 9 and no one realise this is beyond me. I have emailed them numeriously and the response time is rediculous. all I am doing is emailing n emailing n constantly chasing them up. Order 6 items, get charged for 9 items, the invoice states 9 items n they send out 6 items 🤔🤔. I email n email n finally I get a refund for the 3 items duplicated items. So we r left with 6 items. I keep one item n return 5. Yet my refund received for the 5 items does not work out. I have emailed. Broken down the order. How much the items cost. What I was debited, and how much I was refunded n I'm asking, how they worked out the refund. I have sent several emails n still no one has responded back to me. It's a flipping joke. The whole order from start to this point has been a complete joke. The incompetence n negligence in this whole order has me livid. It's not rocket science. I just want my money back. It's a joke that there is no customer service no. I definitely would not deal with this company again.
    Published on 14 September 2016
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    1 stars
    Margrit said:
    My sister purchased a dress in January and never received it. They have blocked her on social media and have treated her disgustingly. They also do not reply to their emails. Cheap prices reflected their criminal minds. This fraudulent is run by a bunch of morons who hide their identity. As we have contacted British trading standards and had to wait over 15 days we have taking this issue to the small claims court. Prices may be cheap but not worth the hustle. Also don't provide REF numbers as they will have you blocked from providing an HONEST review.
    Published on 11 March 2016
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    0 stars
    andreea said:
    Do not buy from this website, terrible customer service, terrible deliveries, still wishing for my refund, stick to ASOS or whatever you know WORKS.
    Published on 16 February 2016
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    1 stars
    Rj said:
    THE WORST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER! I recently used pretty little things website to make my 1st ever order with them, I usually use Boohoo but I thought I would give them a try as they had what looked like a good sale going on. LONG STORY short: 1. I got sent soiled wet clothing. The inside of my delivery bag was wet thus leading to all my clothes being soaked in some kind of milky white liquid... EWWWW. Baring in mind I was due to go on holiday the following day, these were the ONLY clothes I ordered so I was LIVID. 2. I emailed in and was told not to worry my dry cleaning bill will be paid for by a customer service rep which would have been fine considering that was my only option as I was due to travel the following day. The clothes were wet from something other than water so I wanted them washed properly. 3. I then get told actually no we won't pay for this as it's not a service we provide. 4. THEN this is the funniest bit a customer service rep offers me 40% off of your next order but it isn't 40% it £4.80. I RECOMMEND NO ONE USES THIS DECEITFUL COMPANY. I work hard for my money and yes, sometimes would like to spend it on looking and feeling nice. If you feel that you should get what you paid for and if not get compensated accordingly for it.. then NO don't shop with them...
    Published on 10 January 2016
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    1 stars
    tiffany fitzgerald said:
    the most awful experience I have ever had with shopping online. they received my item back on the 27th November. I asked them 10 days after that they had my item already for 10 days when will I be expecting a refund, they said I should wait 21 days. which is a ridiculous time considering I sent it tracked and knew they received it. anyway 21 days PAST still no refund, I messaged them and they said they will do it and never did. I then spoke to paypal and they advised me to open a claim. paypal then refunded me as pretty little thing didn't after 30 days of having my item. the staff are so rude and unhelpful! the clothes are awful cheap quality and if you want a refund you have to wait over a month! I am never buying again
    Published on 23 December 2015
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    1 stars
    Claire said:
    Placed an order 11th April, recieved an email same day to say items had been dispatched. However recived an email the next day to say one of the items was out of stock. Erm... how can you say an item is out of stock AFTER you have dispatched it? Hermes say they attempted to deliver the 12th (which was a Sunday and I was home all day, no-one attempted to deliver anything) and now it has been sitting with them since 13th April stating "out for delivery" Nothing, not a jot delivered whatsoever. Emailed customer service several times, no reply! Disgusting customer service!! I have now been told to DM them on Twitter to get my issue resolved! Pfft lets see how this goes. Once this is sorted I will NEVER use this website again and I urge all others to avoid... horrific customer service.
    Published on 20 April 2015
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    0 stars
    Elizabeth said: this site is a joke. Customer Service doesn't exist. I have returned two items and have tried to contact the Company via email. Their webpage is rubbish as you are unable to access any information regarding returns etc. I have now received a email back stating that refund will take approximately 21 days. I will not be ordering from this site again and would not recommend it to anyone.
    Published on 11 December 2014
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