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Ladder Sales Direct

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Online established supplier of a huge range of ladders and ladder accessories. Free delivery through the UK.

Customer Reviews

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    belinda said:
    Shocking service from Ladder Sales direct. I purchased a Lyte fruit picking tripod from them in December 2017. After only about 10 used it collapsed, nearly causing serious injury to the user who was pruning a fruit tree. Ladder sales direct and Lyte, after many months of deliberation and trying to get me to pay for collection and inspection, claim that is was misused. It was being used correctly, for its advertised use and wasn't supplied with any instructions. I have not seen a refund, nor has the ladder been replaced. Do not use this company, or this particular ladder, there are better, more reliable ones on the market.
    Published on 13 July 2018
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    1 stars
    David Brett said:
    Ordered two ladders which were supposed to arrive within 3 to 5 business days. On day 6 I rang to cancel the order, I was told that the order had been dispatched the day before which meant I couldn't cancel the order without incurring courier charges, this is in total contradiction to the terms and conditions on their website. They then contacted me again to say the delivery had actually been dispatched three days before in an effort to claim this was within their T&C's which it isn't. How many courier deliveries take three days ? I don't live in the Outer Hebrides but do live within 10 miles of the M25. I processed a payment refund which one week later they have not processed. This company would appear to hold nothing in stock and according to their own protocol no communication comes from them after you place the order, everything is from "the supplier" or the courier company. Yes a company that takes absolutely no responsibility for the service its customers receive. Imagine what happens if the product is actually faulty. Avoid at all elsewhere with retailers that actually provide customer service and may actually hold items in stock themselves and care about their customers. Or you might get lucky.......
    Published on 15 December 2016
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    2 stars
    andy said:
    ladder and ladder tray delivered wrong product not collected when told it would be wasted day waiting in for collection cancelled part order and got refund
    Published on 10 March 2016
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    5 stars
    Fletcher Becket said:
    My wife decided it would be good to apply these adhesive strips to our wall which of course pulled holes in the plas
    Published on 09 March 2015
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    1 stars
    Thomas Jason Jones said:
    Great site with great deals, very annoyed with a "Lambro Scaffold and ladder system" I purchased from the site. The platform finish seems to have been painted with a toilet brush plus one of the 2 ladders that arrived was totally bent and non usable (You get what you pay for I guess 79quid). Tried to call the help line and got a quirky load of instructions from a pre recorded voice message with prompts to hit this key, then that key etc. Hopefully the returning procedure will be as fast as the purchasing procedure! I'm not happy at all and will think before buying from Ladders Direct when I have a deadline for a job that needs doing like this time round.
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