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Justoffbase Tools

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They offer real discounts all year round and offer fast, free delivery from these big name brands delivered direct to you.

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    Worst online company i have evr had the misfortune to deal with. I ordered couple of soldering iron tip for the total cost of £14.71 on 27/02/11 which is nearly a month ago now and to this day have still not received the order, i contacted the company just over a week after my order was placed as i needed to replace my iron tip and was told to allow a little more time for delivery. I again contacted them today 25/03/11 asking where my order was and was told it was sent on 27/02/11 which is a little hard to belive as i placed my order late evening on that day yet they are saying it was sent that day. When i requested a replacement or a refund they refused saying that i should have contacted them earlier to let them know the items were never received and they refused to do anything which was very annoying. I left them this same review on another site and their reply was that i was rude and abbusive otherwise they could have worked this out, yes i was annoyed when they had already refused to do anything and might have been a little rude when i heard that from them but what do they expect when they refuse to do anything for a customer who never received items they paid for and they try to use me being a little rude as an excuse for them not doing nothing. Even if i had been rude from the start WHICH I WAS NOT, does that give a company the right to not send replacements or refund you for something you paid good money for and never received. Below is my invoice from them and i have deleted my details: Cash Sale Date Sale # 27/2/2011 77671 Unit One, Harlequin Business Park Kenny Hill Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP28 8DS United Kingdom (GB) Tax ID #: GB 750723639 Bill To ************** ************** ************** ******* United Kingdom (GB) Available to Charge Google Order ID Google Order Total Payment Guaranteed by Google Credit Card Requested Charge Amount 0.00 972815743647271 14.71 Yes ************8188 14.71 CSC Match AVS Street Match Tax ID Payment Method AVS Zip Match Cheque # Y Y Google Checkout Y Project Start Date End Date Phone No. Ship Via 07768 207 985 Standard Delivery UK Item Quantity Description Rate Options Amount VAT Gross Amt Tax Amt 62083 1 DRAPER FINE TIP FOR 62073 25W 230V EXPERT SOLDERING IRON WITH PLUG 4.48 4.48 20.00% 5.38 0.90 62084 1 DRAPER MEDIUM TIP FOR 62073 25W 230V EXPERT SOLDERING IRON WITH PLUG 4.48 4.48 20.00% 5.38 0.90 Subtotal 8.96 Shipping Cost (Standard Delivery UK) 3.29 VAT 2.46 Total £14.71
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