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Secure on line sales of luggage trunks briefcases suitcases holdalls and all related articles.

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    R Hunt said:
    After using the flight case only twice before, the product collapsed at Hong Kong airport during a business visit in late December. Upon our return on Tuesday 21st December we contacted Going Places to report the failed product. After listening to our complaint and hearing that we required the product for a trip to the USA on 10th Jan 2015, we were told that nothing could be done before Christmas and to call back in the New Year. We called Going Places back on 05th Jan 2015 AM to be told that they were to busy to deal with our issue and to call back again some other time. This was not considered an acceptable response, as the product was required urgently so we called again in an attempt to find a solution to the issue. A young lady answered the phone and then passed me over to a 'gentleman' who announced himself as the owner of the company. He told me that there was nothing that he could do to help and that I had to appreciate that I was not his only customer and that he was to busy to deal with our issue. I advised him that the product sold to us was not of an acceptable quality and had failed in an in a very short timeframe. The company owner maintained that he was too busy to deal with this matter and there was nothing more to be said. I advised him that under the circumstances I would be opening a complaint with the credit card company whose services we had employed to make the purchase. He told me that we could do what we liked and the call was terminated. We have now lost all faith in Going Places and consider that they have breeched our contract by not providing product of a satisfactory quality, refusing to act in good faith by failing to provide an acceptable aftersales service against goods for which they have been paid.
    Published on 06 January 2015
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    Hannah said:
    Im going to give what I think is a fair review of this store. The prices are (to the best of my knowledge) good, delivery was alright - got my goods withing 4 working days, where these guys fall down is customer service. There is one line to call on, which when I called went to voicemail after ringing a few times. I was trying to contact them before the 14 day return window closes as their own site says you have to call them first. No reply. I emailled and got no response. When I did finally get hold of them it was bang on the 14th day. I was told that it's 14 days from when they posted the item (not when I received it) and they had no record of any missed calls from me not did they get my email. The woman was alright but the man she was discussing my case with in the background was loud and rude. He was the one that about the fact that I was unable to get hold of them 'doesn't matter because it's past 14 days after they sent it' the woman then said 'did you hear that?'. Be warned.
    Published on 19 July 2014
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