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Girl Meets Dress

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Hire the perfect dress for every occasion. Girl Meets Dress buy the hottest dresses so YOU don't have to.

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    Want to ruin your long waited event, try to order a dress from Girl Meets Dress! All of us wants to wear a dress to impress to a special event and the easiest, also, cheapest way is to rent one of the designer's dresses! However, never again I will rent a dress, I would rather spend more money but at least I will know that it will not be cancelled the last minute! It took lots of time to choose my 2 dresses (one for me and one for my sister) for the Henley Regatta event, don't forget it is not free, you have to pay a fee for trying on the dresses. I have wasted HOURS of my time choosing things that are not actually available, and then DAYS LATER, I have been informed that one of the dresses are unavailable. WHY THE DRESS WAS GIVEN TO ME TO TRY IF IT WAS UNAVAILABLE?!? And all I get that they are sorry and it was an error in their system. Ok, fair enough, might happen... I have confirmed that at least my sister's dress will arrive, I was promised that it will be delivered one day before the event! Guess what, THEY HAVE FAILED TO DELIVER AND THEN REQUESTED THE DRESS TO BE RETURNED!!!! Reason: sender did not provide full address.. i called to delivery services and eventually managed to arrange the redelivery, however Girl Meets Dress one of the staff members called them and requested that the dress would be sent back to THEM!!! So me and my sister need to attend the Henley Regatta event tomorrow and both are with no dresses left! I must say this is the most horrible experience I have ever received in my entire life
    Published on Friday, June 30, 2017
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