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Online shoppers fraud worries increase

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The latest survey by secure online shopping directory, has revealed an increase in the number of online shoppers worried about the risk of fraud. The autumn survey, which analysed data from more than 600 respondents who regularly use the internet to buy goods, found that 53% of shoppers had concerns about using their credit or debit cards online. This compares with just 45% in early 2007.

Shopsafe director, Simon Crisp says there are a couple of reasons why online shoppers are becoming more wary.

"The number of e-commerce websites has risen rapidly over the past few years, providing greater opportunities for criminals to commit online fraud," says Mr Crisp. "This popularity growth has also meant that more people are hearing stories at first hand from victims of identity fraud, which has obviously raised awareness about the potential pitfalls."

Online shoppers can safeguard their accounts by following a few simple rules, adds Mr Crisp.

"Use your credit card, rather than your debit card, because your credit card offers better legal protection. If you are unlucky, and a criminal uses your credit card details to buy goods, you can claim the money back," he says. "Online shoppers are also advised to stick with trusted companies, or use a shopping website that only lists e-commerce sites that have been thoroughly vetted. They should also print and save payment receipts."


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