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UK e-commerce sales enjoy significant growth in June

27 July 2016 - 08:41 by Graham Miller

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The Office for National Statistics has just revealed that purchases made via safe shopping online were up by 14.1 per cent last month, generating just over £944 million in total.

This year on year increase enabled web-based sales to bag a 14.2 per cent stake in the wider retail marketplace, meaning that it is continuing to encroach on bricks and mortar outlets, according to Internet Retailing.

Online grocery shopping rose by 13 per cent in this period, while clothing sales actually dipped by 2.2 per cent, showing that not all parts of the market are enjoying ongoing increases in consumer spending.

By far the biggest growth was seen in the sale of household goods, with a 41.1 per cent rise in spending via safe shopping online within this category.

ONS spokesperson, Melanie Richard, said that June had been a good month for the UK’s retail sector, in part as a result of a number of major events helping to stimulate spending. With the Euro 2016 football tournament kicking off and the Queen’s birthday celebrations taking place, as well as the summer holiday season getting underway, an increase in consumer activity was to be expected.

Concerns about the results of the EU referendum have hung over the retail sector in recent weeks, but one benefit caused by the weakening of the pound is the rise in the number of purchases being made by tourists visiting London as they find they can get more for their money.

Analysts agree that even with the vote to leave having won, retail should not suffer too badly as long as consumer confidence remains strong and people keep buying. As with many aspects of the economy, appearances and actions are more important than the underlying uncertainties of a situation.