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UK consumers get access to new Ralph Lauren e-commerce site

19 October 2010 - 13:41 by Sarah Collinson

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A website allowing people in the UK to buy Ralph Lauren products online has been launched, finally facilitating a dedicated e-commerce portal for this fashion label to operate outside of the US.

In the past, customers from overseas could have purchased Ralph Lauren products from its US site as long as they had an address in America, but now the official launch of the UK online shopping site has made sure that these restrictions are a thing of the past.

Ralph Lauren commissioned its own internal team of web designers and retail experts to build the UK version of its site and the results are impressive. You can buy many different items of clothing from various departments, with men, women and children all accounted for alongside home ware.

Further details about Ralph Lauren initiatives and fashion can be found thank to links embedded in the site, which will take users to the RL Magazine and RL TV services. Celebrity interviews and videos from the catwalk will also be made available via this service.

In the US, Ralph Lauren customers can carry out safe shopping online via an iPhone app, as well as from the main website, which could suggest that a UK version of the app will make an appearance in the future, if the sales on the site are strong.

It seems that the second half of the year is proving to be a bumper season for the arrival of new chains and brands in the world of safe shopping online. Ralph Lauren can now join H&M, Zara and Gap amongst the many other online retailers operating in the UK for the first time, making the run up to Christmas all the more simple for people who want to avoid the crush on the high street.