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The majority of smartphone users love e-commerce shopping

28 July 2014 - 13:04 by Simon Crisp

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A new survey conducted by BuzzCity has found that almost three quarters of the consumers across the world who own a smartphone have used this portable device to buy something via safe shopping online at least once.

In fact, an impressive 48 per cent of respondents to the study said that they indulge in mobile shopping on a regular basis, indicating that there could soon be a tipping point towards an m-commerce dominated online marketplace, according to The Drum.

Just over a fifth of those questioned said that they had actually been convinced to leave a bricks and mortar store because they found a better deal on the web using their smartphone, which means that real world outlets still need to do more to engage consumers.

Report spokesperson, Rohit Dadwal, said that the rapid growth of the use of smartphones for safe shopping online had taken some retailers by surprise, challenging them to ride the tidal swell of consumer support for m-commerce or else face being left behind.

He went on to explain that as more and more people shop both in-store and from their smartphones, often combining the two practices to get the best value, it is necessary for retailers to capture the attention of consumers across all channels, so that they are not simply using bricks and mortar outlets as showrooms.

The use of smartphones and tablets to research products and find the best prices means that in many instances the use of a portable device will be the first step in a modern retail process. But report author, Dr KF Lai, was keen to point out that this does not mean that retailers should entirely shift their focus to the mobile realm, but develop compelling experiences in all areas.