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Superdrug Announces Beauty-Based Click and Collect Service

Friday, October 11, 2019 - 12:14 by Sarah Collinson

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Superdrug is the latest retailer to get in on the superfast click and collect delivery option act, meaning that customers will be able to order items via safe shopping online and then visit their nearest bricks-and-mortar outlet to pick up their purchase within 30 minutes of completing the transaction.

The company confirmed that this would not only make things more convenient and flexible for customers but would also allow it to encourage people to visit its real-world outlets and potentially to add more items to their order once they are through the door.

Click and collect has been available from Superdrug for some time, although it is only with this new scheme that it is catalysing the process and catering to the growing demand amongst users for even more options when it comes to online shopping.

Almost a third of the e-commerce orders that Superdrug receives at the moment are collected within 24 hours, which is why it makes sense for a faster pick-up availability to be introduced.

Spokesperson Matt Walburn explained that this move was all about meeting the expectations of shoppers, who have increasingly moved towards embracing a combination of online and in-store retail.

Walburn also outlined the anticipation of Black Friday being the point at which Superdrug will be able to see whether or not its newly revised click and collect infrastructure will be able to cope with significant spikes in demand within short time frames.

With its 800 outlets across the UK, there will be lots of options for customers of Superdrug who want to take advantage of this new swifter click and collect service when they shop online for health and beauty products. It seems likely that other retailers in this niche will now endeavour to copy this trend.