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Strong Online Sales Help Morrisons Gain Ground

13 May 2020 - 10:32 by Mike Price

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Although it may have been late to the game of selling groceries via safe shopping online, it seems that Morrisons is catching up to its rivals quickly, as this week it announced that it has managed to increase sales in the past quarter by 5.7 per cent.

It has not just made significant investments in its e-commerce offerings in order to appease customer demand for this type of service but also in response to the issue of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has prompted a spike in grocery spending across the country as millions of Brits stay home.

Morrisons has further improvements to its web-based retail services on the agenda, as next month it will be launching its first click and collect delivery option for customers who want to order online and then pick up their products from their nearest superstore.

In order to cope with the challenges posed by COVID-19, Morrisons is not only letting people arrange for deliveries using its website but also via phone conversations with customer support staff, helping those who do not have access to a computer or the means to use its e-commerce services as a way of getting essential products to their doorsteps.

A partnership with food courier company Deliveroo has also been instrumental in allowing Morrisons to gather momentum in recent weeks, with half-hour delivery times offered for those placing smaller orders and a particular focus on offering this service to older customers who are less able to visit bricks and mortar stores in person.

The past two weeks have been particularly impactful for Morrisons, with sales rising by over a tenth as it gets its latest solutions into action. Its efforts are likely to be noticed by rivals and could be emulated if they prove to be successful in the long term.