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Report reveals retail brand engagement driven by emotions

15 December 2017 - 08:06 by David Aiken

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Consumers are more likely to stick to shopping with an outlet they trust if they have been emotionally impacted by the brand in some way, according to a report published this month by Capgemini.

Analysts determined that 82 per cent of people from across Europe and North America will generally pick the same stores and products time and again according to whether or not they have an emotional attachment to it.

The fact that buying decisions made via safe shopping online or in-store can be influenced by emotions is something that many retailers already leverage, as evidenced by phenomena such as the John Lewis Christmas ad. But to see this proved beyond a doubt will surely change the way that retailers manage their marketing going forwards.

Furthermore, the level of emotional engagement displayed by a consumer will impact their loyalty overall, irrespective of the efforts of the retail brand in question. So people who are more likely to connect with an outlet or product on a deeper level will be less likely to look elsewhere when they need to make a purchase.

Catering to loyal customers can earn retailers a five per cent annual boost to their revenues, analysts suggest. And there is firm evidence that loyalty schemes are not always the best way to go about ensuring fidelity.

The report found that most people associated a feeling of loyalty towards a brand with having been rewarded for their engagement with it, usually in the form of a monetary offer. So retailers which provide people with the option to save money via safe shopping online with exclusive deals for returning customers are in a better position that those who purely pursue low prices without creating rewards for people who come back for more.