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Prime Day Expected to See Significant Participation from Consumers Worldwide

12 July 2019 - 16:59 by Graham Miller

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A study from Periscope by McKinsey suggests that around 70 per cent of shoppers in several large countries will be stopping by to check out the deals that are available on Amazon when Prime Day rolls around.

Internet Retailing reports that a significant slice of the population in the US and the UK, as well as Germany and France, will be spending money via safe shopping online because of the bargains that Amazon is offering to its Prime subscribers.

In 2018 this event prompted more than 100 million purchases globally, with two-thirds of consumers who were questioned as part of this report saying that they are excited for its return this year.

A third of British respondents said that they would be splashing out a little more cash this Prime Day, ahead of their counterparts in the other countries covered.

Meanwhile, just 12 per cent of people from the UK have already determined a suitable budget to set for their Prime Day spending, suggesting that most people will simply see what deals take their fancy without necessarily limiting themselves in terms of costs.

Even so, there is a trend for pre-sale product research in most parts of the world. In the UK around 80 per cent of Amazon Prime subscribers will be looking up potential purchases before they finally commit once the discounts start flooding in.

The report also found that two-fifths of people who have a Prime account often take advantage of the Alexa voice assistant to place orders with Amazon, which shows that this e-commerce giant’s smart speaker range is proving to be fairly influential amongst loyal users.

Prime Day kicks off on the 15th of July and will actually cover two days in total, although those hoping to enjoy the deals will need to subscribe to get access to them.