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Online shopping and convenience stores shape UK trends

07 November 2017 - 08:58 by Graham Miller

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A new study from Waitrose has looked at the state of consumer habits in the UK at the moment, revealing that safe shopping online is just one of the factors which is leading to the death of the traditional weekly visit to supermarkets, according to the Guardian.

Retailers may soon do away with ‘big’ shopping trolleys, since consumers who do venture out to their local food outlet will usually be doing so far more regularly than at any point in the past and thus buying smaller amounts of items more often. This makes compact trolleys and baskets more popular, while all-in-one trips are far less common.

Analysts described the convenience-oriented approach to shopping as being akin to consumers treating supermarkets and local stores like their own fridge. This is also helping people to manage their spending and avoid stocking up on too many items, which helps to cut waste as well.

In terms of the products which are rising to prominence at the moment, both in physical stores and via safe shopping online, some of the key items highlighted in the report include vegetarian meals, the sales of which are up by 11 per cent, year on year. Meanwhile, strawberries have fallen from the top spot in the berry charts, having been overtaken by blueberries as a result of their ‘superfood’ status.

Peanut butter has enjoyed an even greater rise in interest this year, with sales up by a fifth as it finds its way into more and more smoothies and desserts that consumers are making at home.

Another interesting trend highlighted in the report is that traditional dinner parties, where the host prepares everything, are falling out of fashion. Instead people are veering towards a ‘bring your own’ approach, where everyone gets involved.