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Online orders begin to dominate Domino's Pizza

17 February 2012 - 09:36 by David Aiken

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Over 40 per cent of all the pizzas delivered by takeaway food chain Domino's are now ordered via safe shopping online rather than over the phone or in store, according to figures published by the company.

In a report about its financial performance in recent months it stated that online orders have grown by 43 per cent and now account for 44.3 per cent of all sales.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are also increasingly popular amongst Domino's customers who order online, with 14 per cent of e-commerce transactions carried out from a portable gadget rather than a traditional PC or laptop.

Domino's Pizza spokesperson, Lance Batchelor, said that he was blown away by the impressive e-commerce figures reported by the company over the past 12 months.

He explained that over a million pounds a day was being made via the firm's portal for safe shopping online.

It was also pointed out that in many 24 hour periods the online orders could actually outdo phone or store transactions, breaching the 50 per cent mark during peak periods.

The level of e-commerce usage seems to vary from store to store and Mr Batchelor indicated that the busiest online order hotspots can generate 75 per cent of an outlet's business from the web.

The main benefits of using an e-commerce platform to take pizza orders is that there is less of a margin for error in fulfilling requests, along with the reduced staffing costs, thanks to the automated nature of the system.

Dominos is moving to open stores in Germany and also pointed out that a total of 62 new locations were rolled out in 2011, including some located in slightly odd places like within a Tesco supermarket. The importance of e-commerce in this expansion cannot be overstated.