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New Look benefits as more customers shop online

Friday, June 6, 2014 - 10:50 by Graham Miller

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In the past year fashion chain, New Look, saw a 64 per cent rise in the number of sales made by customers shopping online to purchase its products.

The firm also revealed that it has been especially successful on the web as a result of tie-ins with third party outlets, including Asos, enabling it to widen the reach of its digital empire and target people who might not normally shop through its dedicated e-commerce site.

Over the last 12 months, the weekly traffic figures generated by the New Look site hit 2.7 million visitors on average, which is higher than the 2.5 million it achieved in 2013.

Company spokesperson, Anders Kristiansen, explained that New Look has been working with a fresh e-commerce team and, as a result, has managed to boost its share of the market by an impressive 5.8 per cent.

He also re-emphasised the need for retailers like New Look to embrace a multichannel approach which includes safe shopping online and a presence on the high street.

In addition to its e-commerce site, New Look has seen strong performance thanks to its dedicated smartphone application. And through tie-ins with third party retailers, it has managed to secure a niche in 195 nations across the world, according to Kristiansen.

A quarter of the people who buy New Look products from its own site choose to use the click and collect service to get their items the same day from their local outlet. This is a strong indication that click and collect is one of the most powerful tools of modern retail, because it means high street stores can remain relevant, even while online shopping is being turned to by consumers in larger numbers than ever before in the UK.