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New App Allows for Virtual Shoe Sizing on the Move

14 May 2019 - 09:52 by Graham Miller

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Sports clothing brand Nike has launched a fresh smartphone service this month which promises to allow customers to check up on the right shoe size for their feet and also get an idea of what its different products will feel like before they have even been ordered online.

Known as Nike Fit, the app is able to detect and scan the user’s feet by taking advantage of the integrated cameras that are found on every modern mobile. The data gleaned through this process is then fed into an advanced algorithm which provides accurate advice about which size of shoes to pick.

With the scan complete, customers can pass on this information either at one of Nike’s bricks-and-mortar stores or use it to make decisions when visiting a wide variety of e-commerce sites.

Virtual fitting rooms have been gaining traction in recent years, although this new app takes a slightly different approach and is arguably a lot more practical than many of its competitors.

Nike said that the app would effectively allow customers to select the right size footwear as if it was tailor-made for them because of the precision of the app’s abilities.

The manufacturer also spoke about the advantages of having shoes that fit properly, both from the perspective of comfort and the kinds of performance advantages that will be achievable. Since it is chiefly an athletic brand, this latter component certainly makes a lot of sense.

In the long term Nike is intending to not only allow the app to help with shoe sizing but also integrate a number of personalisation and customisation capabilities. Users will therefore be free to add their own personality to the shoes they are ordering - all from their mobile phone.