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M-commerce sales grow as iPhone leads the pack

12 June 2013 - 11:07 by Paul Tissington

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The latest stats from digital marketing firm, Affiliate Window, suggest that more British consumers are buying products via their smartphones than ever before, with iPhone owners generating the most sales in the last month.

Each hour the company recorded 572 sales from portable handsets, with the daily total for iPhone users climbing to 3,100 over the course of May.

Just over 18 per cent of sales which passed through Affiliate Window's platform came from smartphones during this period, which was an increase of slightly more than one per cent when compared with the previous month.

Mobile phones and tablets were also found to be generating even more traffic, accounting for almost a quarter of hits in May.

This week Apple unveiled iOS 7 and bragged about the fact that iPhone users harness their handsets with far greater regularity than those who have devices that sport Android. It is clear that many iPhone fans use their mobile for safe shopping online, based on these figures.

The growth in mobile sales has meant that Affiliate Windows has almost exceeded the sales figures for the entirety of 2012 in the first half of 2013, which suggests that the pace of growth is increasing.

Smartphones and tablets are definitely convenient devices to use when carrying out safe shopping online, because they are highly portable and allow consumers to shop while they are on the move.

Consumers are also increasingly in the habit of dual screening, which basically describes the practice of watching TV while also using a smartphone. This gives people the opportunity to shop online while they are engaged in other activities, leading to further growth in m-commerce sales.

2013 could be a breakthrough year for mobile shopping, particularly if smartphone prices continue to plummet.