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Google experiments with fast delivery service

07 March 2013 - 11:34 by Simon Crisp

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Search giant Google has played a major part in popularising shopping online, since its search engine allows people to find the products they are after at retailers they can trust.

It has also been trying to enter the e-commerce market itself in recent years and the latest step in this direction will apparently involve the creation of Google Shopping Express.

Tech Hunter reports that this service will allow customers to order products via safe shopping online and then have them dispatched for same day delivery, which means there will be a tiny waiting period to endure before you receive your order.

Google Shopping Express will not be the only e-commerce platform to offer same day delivery and it will have to contend with competition from the likes of Amazon Prime, but reports suggest that in the US at least, it will be cheaper than its closest competitors.

It is expected that Google will sign a number of deals with major American retailers, allowing it to roll out the express delivery service to many customers.

It will be subscription-based, so customers can expect to spend a reported 42 a year for the privilege of accessing speedy delivery when they order. Those keeping track will note that this is indeed a little cheaper than Amazon Prime.

Google has been quietly acquiring various companies that will help it establish itself in the delivery industry and so it could be well positioned to rise to prominence in this marketplace.

It seems that Google Shopping Express is in the early stages of development, since little detail is actually known, but you can expect to hear a lot more about it closer to launch.

Hopefully, UK consumers will also eventually be able to take advantage of same day delivery from Google.