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Fashion site aims to remove guesswork from buying clothes online

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 12:52 by Sarah Collinson

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A new site called Sizeable has been set up, to help people who want to purchase items of clothing online to do so without having to make assumptions about how each will look, once it is actually being worn, according to the Daily Mail.

A persistent problem of online fashion shopping, carried over from catalogue retail, is that consumers will usually only see pictures of one model wearing one size of a particular garment. This necessarily presents it in the best possible light and does not deliver a realistic look at how something will look on people with different body shapes.

There have been a number of attempts to address this issue in recent years, with certain companies getting into virtual fitting room technology. However, Sizeable?s approach is a little less reliant on algorithms, as it simply employs six different models, each representing a different body shape.

People can then view a specific item of clothing as worn by all six of the models, thus allowing consumers to make a more informed decision when buying fashion products through a site offering safe shopping online.

It has become all too tempting for people to simply purchase multiple different sizes of the same item to see which has the best fit, before returning the rest to the retailer for a refund. But this involves hassle for both parties and is not the most environmentally friendly way to go about shopping for clothes.

However, Sizeable's solution could be the best fit for this issue, especially in the short term, because it does not involve the creation of any complicated additional software. It also means that people can quickly scan a range of realistically proportioned models wearing products, for a more honest shopping experience.