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eBay reveals unusual leaps in winter search trends

11 December 2014 - 14:32 by

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Online auction site, eBay, can be used by consumers in the UK to buy almost anything, from vintage clothes and books to cars. And while you might assume that in the winter period there would be a lot of people searching the site for products to keep them warm and entertained, new figures published by eBay show that shoppers are really thinking ahead to the warmer months.

The statistics, gleaned from search activities of eBay customers last year, revealed that in the week between Christmas and New Year, there was a 75 per cent increase in the number of people looking for juicers, according to Econsultancy.

Meanwhile, a 200 per cent rise in people searching for bikinis was also found to occur in the interim period, where one year ends and the other begins. Beach towel searches were up by 140 per cent as well, indicating that people are using safe shopping online to prepare for their summer activities and cheer themselves up when there is still frost on the ground.

The overindulgence of the Christmas period takes its toll on shoppers in other ways, with eBay seeing a 150 per cent boost to the number of people searching for running shoes in the week after December 25th. New Year’s resolutions often involve exercise and working off mince pies at the gym can help people justify letting their diets lapse a little.

One of the biggest benefits of carrying out safe shopping online with eBay is that it offers a huge amount of choice, letting customers buy and sell items of all shapes, sizes and prices. So while the cold weather might change the way we dress, it does not stop us stocking up on products for the spring and summer ahead.