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eBay experiments with entertaining e-commerce features

15 February 2018 - 08:32 by Graham Miller

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Auction site eBay is going to implement a number of new technologies to ensure that customers who carry out safe shopping online via its platform will enjoy themselves more than in the past.

Bloomberg reports that the use of augmented reality (AR) will be a key part of this new strategy, allowing people to get up close and personal with potential purchases before they have made a commitment.

This tech will also be used to make it easier for sellers who use its site to ship items effectively. The AR capabilities will give people a better idea of the right size box to use when they are packaging up items, which should save them money and avoid hassle.

In recent years, eBay has been struggling to keep up with the rapid growth enjoyed by rivals like Amazon. However, it has switched its marketing emphasis towards its ability to offer unique items not available elsewhere, which led to solid performance over the course of 2017.

Company spokesperson, Devin Wenig, explained at a conference this week that although his firm may not dominate the market for safe shopping online, it is different enough from the competition to remain relevant going forwards.

He also said that being able to provide customers with products at low prices and with the ultimate in convenience was eBay’s aim. And as the web continues to grow its influence around the world, he predicted that the high street would continue to suffer.

AR technology is set to become a major part of the e-commerce market, with retailers harnessing smartphone apps and browser-based solutions to provide a blend of the real world with virtual elements. It may not be widely used yet, but it will increase its sphere of influence now outlets like eBay are onboard.