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Consumers with Diverse Shopping Habits Found to Be Biggest Spenders

29 April 2019 - 11:00 by Sarah Collinson

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People who do not stick to a single platform when buying products but instead seek out deals both via safe shopping online and at bricks-and-mortar stores tend to spend significantly more than their counterparts.

This fact was identified in a recent study from Ayden which revealed the average amount spent by fans of multichannel consumers is 15 per cent higher than would be typical of someone who only buys from one channel.

Analyst also looked into the proportion of the purchases made by multichannel shoppers that are made in-store and online, with the split meaning that around 40 per cent of sales are generated on the web.

In the single channel realm, the internet is far less commonly used, with a fifth of people choosing to solely stick to e-commerce sites when they want to buy something.

Retailers are not only being encouraged to cater to multichannel trends that are emerging in the UK and around the world but also to take care to cultivate strong relationships with the consumers that are happy to spend across several platforms. This is because the report revealed an increase in loyalty amongst those that do not restrict themselves to shopping on a single channel, which goes hand in hand with higher typical basket values.

Each year a multichannel consumer will make around four purchases at outlets to which they are loyal, which no doubt accounts for a significant slice of all spending for a given brand.

This is a fact that might seem counter-intuitive to many people, but having a wider availability of options in the retail space afforded by the internet actually gives consumers more reason to stick with the brands they trust while also expanding their shopping horizons and buying more regularly.