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Consumers express concern over private data use

13 March 2017 - 11:32 by Mike Price

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A report published by Verint last week revealed that 89 per cent of people are worried about the ways in which the firms which have access to personal details about their lives keep this information and make use of it, according to eConsultancy.

More than 24,000 people participated in the survey, with four in five stating that they preferred to use sites which were customised automatically based on their individual requirements. So of course there is a disconnect between the experiences people want and the ways in which they feel that businesses should go about delivering them.

From social media to safe shopping online, hundreds of thousands of businesses collect and store data from millions of customers across the UK and around the world. Now more than ever security is a major issue for plenty of consumers, since there have been a growing number of instances in which breaches have resulted in data theft and subsequent cases of fraud.

Eighty six per cent of respondents said that they would prefer it if the businesses that they entrust with private data would let them know if and when this information is handed over to other organisations. However in many cases people are asked to give or deny consent for this action at the point of signing up to a specific site or service.

When it comes to shopping online, most consumers realise that by engaging with a retailer in the digital realm they will be laying bear their habits and preferences, which in turn can be used to deliver a more bespoke experience each time they visit a site. Balancing this benefit against the potential risk for information being misused or stolen is something which all customers have to do, but the risks can be mitigated by shopping only with reputable firms.