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Consumer preferences for ethically sound products revealed

12 June 2018 - 10:13 by Graham Miller

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The results of a recent survey conducted by have shown that more people are getting onboard the ethical retail bandwagon, putting an increased emphasis on the need for outlets to offer products which are sustainable and responsibly sourced.

Sixty seven per cent of those questions in the study said that they would be happy to pay higher prices for products so long as they were proven to be less damaging to the environment than their mainstream equivalents.

Sixty eight per cent said that they would part ways with more cash if animal testing had not been involved in the development of the products they were offered.

Sixty per cent said that they would take more of a hit at the checkout if they knew that the brands they were buying did not just pocket the profits, but reinvested some of their earnings in supporting community projects and other good causes.

Four out of five people said that businesses should be held accountable for the impact that the products they produce make on the environment, while almost nine in 10 believe that commercial organisations should also cut plastic packaging out of the equation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with their operations.

The power of safe shopping online means that it is now easier for consumers to shop ethically, since it is simple to search for eco-friendly options when buying from the web. 

However, this study could be a wakeup call for dominant retailers about the fact that ethical, fair trade products are enticing to a broad range of the populous, not just a niche within the wider market.

Brands may bow to the pressure and become more ethical to cater to this large target audience, especially if it means being able to charge more for sustainable products sold via safe shopping online.