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Best Buy's UK e-commerce platform promises customer reviews via Reevoo

15 October 2010 - 12:45 by Sarah Collinson

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US retail giant Best Buy is set to launch its e-commerce outlet online in the UK over the coming weeks and new details suggest that the site will harness the crowd-sourced reviews offered by Reevoo to help rate the products.

As recently reported, the importance of customer reviews should not be underestimated in the world of e-commerce and, by adding a third party site to provide practical advice and information, rather than building an in-house reviews system, Best Buy could be trying hard to win the trust of its online users.

When you view a product on the soon to be launched portal for safe shopping online from Best Buy, you will see reviews from Reevoo alongside comprehensive details about the product. Since Best Buy is a specialist in electronic goods, you will need to find out about the specifications and how it works in real life, so this combination is certainly seen as sensible.

Best Buy's UK ecommerce head, DeVere Forster, said that it was the authenticity and impartiality of the reviews posted to Reevoo that made integrating them into the upcoming e-commerce platform so attractive.

Mr Forster spoke of Reevoo's solid track record in providing reviews for electronics and allowing customers to make appropriate choices whenever they decide to carry out safe shopping online with Best Buy.

Reevoo founder, Richard Anson, said that he and his firm were pleased to become a part of Best Buy's online experience in the UK. He explained that, with more than a million customer reviews covering a majority of electronic items, it would be able to add something fresh to the budding e-commerce platform.

Best Buy is planning to endow its online retail outlet with a number of other features, which it hopes will allow it to stand out in the bustling UK e-commerce market.