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Amazon issues warning over phishing emails

14 December 2016 - 10:03 by Simon Crisp

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A widespread scam targeting customers of Amazon has been highlighted by the retailer in an attempt to provide ample warning to potential victims before they fall into the trap set by cybercriminals, according to the Daily Mail.

Phoney emails which are being received by people across the UK are alleged to be from Amazon itself and make claims about issues encountered with an order that the customer placed. However, the reality is that these message are not genuine and are, instead, intended to dupe innocent shoppers into handing over personal details, including payment card information, to malicious third parties.

When clicking a link embedded in the emails involved in the con, users will be taken to a site set up to look like Amazon’s official platform for safe shopping online, but will, instead, be giving sensitive data over to groups who intend to exploit it.

Amazon issued a statement in which it outlined the techniques used to try and trick its customers with phishing emails. It pointed out that people should not click any links contained within them and should always head directly to their official account page on its own site, to see whether or not there are real problems that need to be addressed.

Furthermore, it pointed out that it would never email its customers and ask them to provide private information directly, such as account passwords, online banking details or even their National Insurance Number.

As Christmas approaches and more people are carrying out last minute safe shopping online, the efforts of criminals to subvert this process increase. So being aware that scams exist and becoming wise to the methods that might be used is the best way for the average consumer to protect themselves, rather than risk becoming a victim of cybercrime.