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Amazon Introduces Augmented Reality Feature to Boost Furniture Sales

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - 11:57 by Graham Miller

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Although other retailers have already implemented augmented reality (AR) to help customers get a sense of what products will look like in situ without having to buy them, Amazon is set to make this a mainstream proposition by introducing this tech to its own application.

Internet Retailing reports that, like the Ikea service which has existed for a couple of years now, Amazon’s use of AR focuses on home furnishings. Users can point their smartphone of choice at their living space and, through a combination of processing power and software trickery, the app will overlay 3D models of chairs, sofas, tables and other products on the scene in real time.

The idea is that while in the past it was commonplace for people to visit showrooms to order furniture, many consumers now choose to buy via safe shopping online, and a static 2D image does not necessarily represent the true look, feel and scale of larger items.

Through the use of AR, Amazon will not only be able to convince more customers to order furniture but will hopefully be able to cut down on the number of returns that it receives, since shoppers will have a far better concept of whether or not a given piece will fit their home and suit their style.

For the time being the only way to use the AR service is if you have the iOS version of the app or a Windows 10 device with compatible browser software and camera hardware on board, such as a laptop or tablet. No doubt an Android version will be implemented in the near future, and it will be interesting to see whether or not this feature is able to catalyse furniture sales from a retailer that has traditionally focused on other market niches.