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AI-powered customer services embraced by Ocado

17 October 2016 - 11:45 by Simon Crisp

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Online grocery delivery firm, Ocado, is taking advantage of artificial intelligence to improve the way that it handles emails from its customers, according to Internet Retailing.

Powered by Google’s cloud but taking advantage of a machine learning solution that it has developed under its own steam, Ocado is able to enhance the effectiveness of its human customer service representatives by ensuring that incoming emails are categorised as accurately as possible.

AI is beginning to have an impact in a number of industries and can be especially effective when it comes to deciphering the language used by people writing emails, entering search queries and conducting various other forms of digital communication. So it makes sense that it would be effective when combined with customer services for a site offering safe shopping online.

Ocado spokesperson, Debbie Wilson, pointed out that with over half a million regular customers, the company needs to be agile and efficient in the way that it deals with customer service responsibilities. She also said that there were challenges associated with managing this approach when people have so many different ways of getting in touch.

It is not just email that is used as a means of communication between Ocado and its customers, but also traditional voice calls as well as text messages, social media posts and web-based IMs.

With AI powering the filtering process, it is possible for Ocado to respond to customers’ queries more quickly and thus boost their overall satisfaction as a result, Wilson said.

This is also an example of how cloud computing is helping companies of all sizes to enhance their access to advanced IT resources without having to make major upfront investments. So the experience of enjoying shopping online should continue to improve for everyone, thanks to the emergence of this technology.