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I Want One Of Those sell gadgets, gizmos, toys, games, home gadgets, office toys, gorgeous gifts and lots more!

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    DO NOT USE I WANT ONE OF THOSE { IWOOT) despite ordering goods in December 2015 I am no nearer either receiving the goods, a replacement or a refund. The complaint system is a joke and involves writing out a form, scanning it and then uploading to a website that doesn't allow uploads. Eventually you are afforded an email address, but despite sending three separate forms they still refuse to do anything about the fact I haven't received my order. Joke company , joke customer service AVOID AVOID AVOID.
    Published on 05 March 2016
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    Terrible experience with IWOOT! 12 days it took for IWOOT to dispatch my last order... and believe me it is my last order with them! Typical inept responses based on prerehearsed rhetoric with little or nothing to do with the question posed about why they hadn't yet sent the items, indeed I am convinced that the only reason my order was sent is because after 12 days I had requested they cancel the order and refund my money! It must have been easier to actually send the order than cancel it at this point! As a buyer I don't want to hear about any delays they may have because it's Christmas and they're busy... It didn't stop them from sending out more offer emails and selling even more items essentially adding to any problems! Obviously they think it's acceptable for people to wait 2 weeks for their deliveries (without any contact or apology) as long as they blame their couriers for being late collecting and delivering! I bought from IWOOT not Yodel couriers!! To make matters worse IWOOT customer service responses were just rude and scathing but at the end of the day I must have spent well over a £1000 with this company over the last year and in future they won't see another penny from me well done to IWOOT customer services, I wonder how many others you managed to p off with your unhelpful manner over the last month!!
    Published on 29 December 2014
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