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2,621 shops listed | Last updated: 24 May 2022

Monitor Add a site

Complaints is a private company. We have no power over the merchants we list, other than the ability to add and remove their listing from the site. Shops who are listed value their listing and we hope that they wouldn't want to jeopardise their listing.

We try to create a relationship with our merchants so that if problems arise, it is easier for us to communicate with them to resolve any issues. If you are having trouble communicating with one of the merchants listed on ShopSafe we will endeavour to help you resolve this situation.

Other places to go for help

If you have a problem with an online merchant, we stronlgy recommend that you first get in touch with them. If you can't get your problem resolved you can use the complaint form below and we will try to get in touch on your behalf.

As a further measure you can contact your Bank or Credit Card company to inform them of the situation and cancel any payments.

After you have contacted your Bank or Credit Card company you can contact Trading Standards who provide consumer protection information in the UK.

Other places that maybe helpful include: TrustUK, Consumer Direct, HM Customs and Excise, Office of Fair Trading.

Making a Complaint about a ShopSafe listed website

If you are dissatisfied with a site listed on ShopSafe:

  • Contact the retailer with the details of your complaint.
  • If you are unhappy with the response that you receive, you should send a copy of your complaint, including details of the retailer, to us (check if the site is listed with us). We will then contact the retailer on your behalf, including sending them a copy of your complaint (unless you specifically request that we do not), to establish what action they propose to take. Please include your own full address details so that we can keep you informed. You can send it to or use the form below.
  • ShopSafe will request that the retailer contact you to resolve the complaint within an agreed time period.
  • ShopSafe will also request that the retailer keeps us informed of the outcome