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Very is a new online department store offering womens fashion, menswear, kids clothing, home furnishings and electrical items.

Customer Reviews

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    3 stars said:
    Absolutely appalling customer service will never order again once I have paid for my scooter. I ordered and used a voucher they are always offering via email. It wouldn't go through so rang up and spoke to someone before I placed the order. I was assured that the voucher would be deducted from my order. 5 months later a lot of phone calls and emails and the situation has not been rectified regardless of all the promises they have made. At one point they even tried to claim that the voucher had been put on an account number of mine that doesn't even exist. If the cost had been more I would of taken them to the small claims court, as they are breach of the contract. Whatever happened to providing good customer service.
    Published on 19 May 2016
  • Review Profile
    3 stars
    Michael M said:
    First and LAST time i will order from VERY AGAIN!!!! two monts ago order table and chairs from very, some how they lost 4 chairs in warehouse. And delivery only table to my door. No god only table, so i refuse delivery. Over two months now and very still send me text reminders i have miss very payment. I have call very customer service more then 10 times, in hope they can just credit my account, I will never again use very
    Published on 29 December 2014
  • Review Profile
    0 stars
    Ryanjeni said:
    I ordered a Prague 4 Door wardrobe on 03/12/2014, they took my money on 04/12/2014 and arranged delivery on 09/12/2014. Waited in for 5 hours, and the delivery company called to say that Very had short-shipped the goods to them, and had recalled the goods. I called and emailed for 3 days to get absolutely nowhere with the Customer Services people. Finally re-arranged deliver after I had chased them umpteen times for 16/12/2014 for which I took unpaid leave from work. It didn't arrive again, as Very had cancelled my order. I asked for my goods to be sent, they have refused to either give a the goods, or give me my money back. Effectively, they have stolen £310.95 from my account, and I am a further £70 out of pocket due to lost wages. I have now spent 3.5 hours on the phone with them lying to me as to where my goods are, sent 14 emails to them (None of these were abusive or with raised volume on the calls), and have got nowhere in 16 days of trying. They have told me if I want my stuff, I will have to re-order, and re-pay, then when the original goods get returned to them (The goods that were never delivered due to their error), they will refund me my money. WTF?? You haven't given me goods or my money, but you expect me to pay more? DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY WILL NOT DEAL WITH YOU WHEN THEY SCREW UP, AND THEY KEEP YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!
    Published on 18 December 2014
  • Review Profile
    0 stars
    Mrs Moore said:
    I have been a customer of Very home shopping for quite a while and bought a significant amount of items from them, and I have an excellent payment record. However in the last few days I have been really disappointed. I bought a buy now pay later item last year (an expensive item) and had almost paid it in full but missed the final payment date by just under 2 weeks, due to an oversight on my part as a family member has just had a severe stroke, and my head was all over the place. This led to them adding £400 interest to my account for the item. I spoke to a customer advisor, who said that if I pay the final amount owed on the item immediately, and contact Very by email explaining the situation, that due to the circumstances and my very good payment record, they may be able to remove the interest. I did as suggested and immediately paid my account online with the final buy now pay later payment of £319, and wrote to Very explaining the situation. The reply I got was very unhelpful and basically said: 'sorry but we can't remove the interest'. There was no offer of help, and my circumstances were not taken into consideration at all. Considering I am a good customer and only missed the date by less than 2 weeks, due to extreme circumstances, I was shocked that they would not do more to help. Would never shop with them again.
    Published on 02 September 2014
  • Review Profile
    1 stars
    Simon said:
    I ordered a play center for my kid. Although they have splashed "Next day delivery" all over the site, I discovered that my delivery was scheduled for 14 days after my order. And they didn’t even bother to inform me about this change and it does not show up when you order. The only email I received had links that go nowhere and their telephone service is "voice controlled" just to make it more inconvenient. I finally got to customer services agent who said he cancelled the order. Today, I checked the account and it said "in depot" so i called again and was told that the order was not cancelled and was on its way. But I am told now it is cancelled. I am crossing my fingers. Please don’t shop here!
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