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2,621 shops listed | Last updated: 22 January 2021

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Question Why is there a fee to get listed?

So that our users get the most out of ShopSafe, we want the directory to be full of high-quality stores. By charging a fee not only do we elimate spam submissions, we get genuine UK web sites that are serious about improving their business. It also gives us the opportunity to spend time and resources promoting ShopSafe, something everyone listed on ShopSafe will benefit from.

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Our prices include VAT, so if you're VAT registered the costs are only £82.50 + VAT or £165.83 + VAT. Once you sign up you'll get a VAT invoice.

Subscription payments are paid using Paypal, payments are made to Edward Robertson Limited. No refunds cannot be carried out more than 60 days after the payment is made.

We reserve the right to change the description you submit.