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The Watch Source

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The Watch Source specialises in Swiss watches at discount prices from over 40 brands including TAG Heuer, Omega, Breitling, Longines, Oris and more.

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    Bilal said:
    I bought an Oris Aquis from this website. Initially the watch was fine, but after about 6/8 weeks I found that the watch wasn't keeping time correctly so decided to send it back. They needed to regulate the watch which took them near 2 months. Once I received the watch back I decided to wear it. I was not happy that I received the watch back with some marks added onto it. I like to keep my watch pristine and take real care of it but unfortunately in transit or where it was being repaired it had picked up some marks. One day while is was wearing the watch the watch fell off my wrist due to the failure of a screw that held the strap to the watch lugs. This was not my fault, It was a problem with the watch - when I tried to explain this to Lee, he told me the company was not sure who was at fault and there was no way of them knowing how it had fallen apart. The only advice Lee could give me was to claim off my household insurance, I personally found this bizarre. My only advice is to go into a shop and buy the watch in person where you can deal with everything via face to face. They do state this on their website, but every time I needed to send the watch back to them which was twice within 6 months, I would have to pay for postage - this accounts to a lot when you start insuring your parcels. Also when Thewatchsource sent the watch back to me it was very poorly packaged, no proper packing was used. The company did deal with the time regulation but took them 2 months. They did deal with the watch strap falling off, and the watch hitting the floor by replacing a screw - but if the watch face had smashed then they were telling me to claim of my household insurance. Please take my advice and experiences and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont try saving the money by buying online (the warranty card is not supplied with most watches) buy in store where you may have to pay a bit extra where you will receive everything with the watch, along with a person to talk to when anything does go wrong. Please learn from my mistake of buying online (I have wasted a lot of time communicating with this company, was without a watch for near 2 months since it was being repaired, also it fell off my wrist at work due to it being faulty) you will save so much hassle by buying the watch in store.
    Published on 05 December 2014
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