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The Happy Puzzle Company

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Puzzles & games, puzzle books, maths & words, map jigsaws and more.

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    max bloom said:
    Tragic Service I innocently decided this Christmas to save up the little money I had to buy my youngest brother a present as we hadn't been going through the best of times. As I couldn't find what I was looking for on Ebay or Amazon, I managed to find what I needed from what seemed like a nice family owned company, little did I know how wrong I was. The delivery told me it would come well before so I would have plenty of time to get it all wrapped up and sorted, I was excited already imagining the joyous look on his sweet face on Christmas morning. It however never arrived. I sent them am email approximately a month after Christmas as I can understand small companies may get bogged down at this time of year, they deserved a bit of leeway. They were naturally cooperative in response and told me they would send me a new one which would arrive within the week, it didn't for the second time. I then decided to call them up a week later to little avail as I couldn't get through. A few days later after many emails I finally managed to break radio silence and get through to them on the phone, they told me they were sorry AGAIN and it would arrive within the week, yet again it didn't. Not for the first or second but for the THIRD time. I tried to email them again but was simply outright blanked. It is now the 23rd of March and my brothers CHRISTMAS present had finally arrive. This is by far the the most god-awful service I have ever received and I would not even curse my greatest foes with such terrible a service as I received, shame my brother didn't even like it...
    Published on 23 March 2015
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