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Home Furniture Direct

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A full range of home furniture for sale for the bedroom, lounge and dining room at low prices with free UK delivery.

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    Thankfully I've just been able to cancel this order after a week of non existent customer service from Martin. Ordered two products, guaranteed delivery by end of March which was an absolute necessity as we're moving into a new property with no bedroom furniture. I even had a conversation with Martin over the phone to confirm this - very odd guy, answered the main phone number on the website with 'Yeah' and when I asked if that was Home Furniture Direct he answered with 'Sure'. A couple of days later the bed we ordered was then magically out of stock and so I cancelled our order - or thought I had. I then ordered through another company, which actually worked out at £14 cheaper, and they have been a delight to deal with. A few days after my email to cancel our order was sent, I received an email from Martin saying the bed had somehow been found and they could deliver as requested. I assured him over the phone that I still didn't want it and he went on to say the company I'd ordered through were lying about having my items in stock and he could 100% guarantee that my order would be delivered on the 28th. I then sent a number of emails asking for confirmation in writing, but to no avail. He only replies when you threaten to cancel. I've now just had a one line email stating (thankfully) that the order's been cancelled. This needn't have been a difficult sale and if we'd had just one iota of decent communication from Martin, we'd still be giving him our £800 worth of business. It's a shame that this business will probably not survive, simply due to their lack of good customer support.
    Published on 18 March 2014
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    Ordered an Oak Wine Rack @ £167.99 inc free delivery via online shop. Order was confirmed with price and free delivery via email. Next email was confirmation of delivery which was more than 10 days from order (complying with free delivery on web site) and to a mainland UK post code. Delivery did not happen on day confirmed. Checked email to find request for £19.99 delivery charge to my post code. Queried this via email and received no explanation and "Delivery charge below applies please pay ASAP. Needless to say I cancelled my order. They must be breaking Advertisement codes if not the law. "Martin" needs an intensive course in customer relations. BEWARE!!!
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    Tried to order a dressing table stool from this company.My order came to £62 inc free delivery which was confirmed on the invoice.I then received an e-mail demanding a £35 "postcode delivery surcharge".I rang and spoke to an extremely rude and abrupt guy called Martin who was adamant that the charge was correct even though I pointed out that I had it in black & white that there was free delivery on this item.He then tried to say that this was because there was only one item and that it stated this on the website.I have scoured the site and there is no mention of this and no I dont live in the Scottish Highlands either!.Needless to say I cancelled the order.NOTE the owner/manger/whatever will not conduct a telephone conversation and insists on communication by e-mail...odd!You have been warned!!!
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