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EMP sell alternative clothing and merchandise.

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    3 stars
    Mr Greg Brooks said:
    Very nice products indeed. BUT... when they sent me an AC/DC beer glass, the red logo was smudged and damaged, so I returned it. A week later they sent me exactly the same glass back again, rather irritatingly, which had obviously gone back into stock. Clearly no one had checked it before sending it out, even though it was a replacement and you'd like to think there would be some thought towards care and not inconveniencing me further. They wanted me to return it again, so I suggested they might like to offer me something for my inconvenience, as this was now my third attempt to get a decent glass. They said no. There was no flexibility at all. It's really disappointing. I've been a repeat loyal customer. I gave up at this point and am stuck with a useless damaged glass. EMP's treatment of customers when things go wrong is NON-EXISTENT. I told them so, told it's really poor and that I had spent close to £100. Still they didn't care. I wrote to the MD and he ignored me too. I simply wanted some basic courtesy and to receive the glass I paid for. I received neither. Mr Greg Brooks
    Published on 10 December 2019
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