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Bay Tree Cookware

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UK suppliers of quality cookware and kitchen equipment including cooks knives, bakeware, tableware and electricals. Free UK delivery on orders over £50.

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    5 stars
    David Lyons said:
    What usually happens when something you have ordered isn’t delivered on time? Actually there are too many scenarios to cover here. In my experience, the best case has been something like this: You get a seemingly helpful e-mail from the courier telling you that your parcel will be delivered between time x and time y. Then, when it doesn’t arrive, you phone the courier and after a bit of faffing around the whole thing gets sorted and the parcel is delivered after some delay. More often, I find that after an unreasonable wait, I have to phone the supplier and ask where my parcel is. This results in some more faffing, the trotting out of the standard explanations (excuses), more delay and finally the delivery of the parcel after much delay. The point is, I always have to chase a missing parcel. Consequently, I was completely blown away when I unexpectedly received a call from Baytree Cookware to tell me that my parcel has been delayed… BEFORE I expected the delivery!!! Actually, my wife took the call which could have been a problem because the order was for a, somewhat last minute, Christmas present for her. Shockingly, the lady at Baytree Cookware had anticipated this possibility and had carefully avoided discussing details of the order with her. When she finally got hold of me, she explained that there was a problem with the courier and reassured me that I would still receive the parcel before Christmas – It was fairly obvious, but nonetheless unstated that this was a Christmas present. (I do sympathise with suppliers because they have the challenge of trying to provide a seamlessly integrated service to us customers while depending on a third party. When the third party fails, we usually blame the supplier because, after all, we chose the supplier NOT the courier.) Anyway, a few hours later she phoned me again to say that I might receive an e-mail from the courier telling me that I would not get the parcel until the 29th but that I should not worry because this was not the case. So here we have a company that was demonstrating the fact that they were all over my order, understood its importance in the ‘seasonal context’ and were willing to expend energy and effort to stop me from panicking! This is the sort of customer service we all hope for, but never really expect. The kind of thing that you might read about in an idealised training manual on Customer Relationship Management but you recognise, from bitter experience, is really just myth or fantasy. However, it seems that this is a reality at Baytree Cookware. Unbelievable (but true)!!! Many thanks and Merry Christmas to all the excellent people at Baytree Cookware.
    Published on 24 December 2015
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