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Topshop innovates with in-store Facebook campaign

03 June 2011 - 09:12 by Simon Crisp

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High street fashion chain Topshop is taking a new approach to marketing which blends both in-store and online functionality, harnessing the popularity of Facebook in order to provide customers with a unique way to enjoy both experiences.

At flagship stores in London, Manchester and Liverpool, it will be possible for customers to interact with an iPad 2 tablet computer and design their very own digital postcard to share with friends via the social networking site. as well as on Topshop's comprehensive library of images.

The service has been created with the fashion-conscious individual in mind, so you will see plenty of interesting premade backgrounds to choose from when you create your postcard of choice.

The ability to upload the pictures instantly to social media makes the most of marketing tools for shopping online while still engaging consumers at the high street level, which is just the kind of balance that retailers across the country will want to emulate.

The iPad 2s will only be in the London and Liverpool stores until the start of next week, while if you live in Manchester you will be able to enjoy the campaign from the 8th of June until the 11th.

Topshop is not just using the postcard initiative as a one-way promotional tool because it will be rewarding the person it deems to have created the best image with the ability to pick out £1000 worth of clothing and accessories from its high street stores or, of course, via safe shopping online.

The relationship between e-commerce outlets and high street chains needs to be mutually beneficial if the latter is to survive and the former is to provide the same immediacy as its precursor, which is why clever ideas like this work out well for everyone.