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Top tips for successfully buying appliances online

07 September 2018 - 10:46 by David Aiken

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Thanks to the rise of safe shopping online, buyers are increasingly confident about purchasing appliances via the internet. But there are still pitfalls that can occur if you don't take your time. Here are some tips to maximise the success of your online shopping experience.

Measure in advance

Make sure you measure up the available space for your new appliance - not just the size of the departing one! Look at the product manual via the website to check how big the clearance space is and take into account doors and space to walk past the new appliance. It's also worth checking appliances that you like the look of in-store if they are expensive. You can still return to buy online if the price is cheaper. Prefer not to take the time to see the appliance in person? Look for augmented reality tools in online shops that allow you to take a 3D immersive experience online.

Read reviews

Most online retail stores now have product reviews, so spend time checking what other customers have said about the appliances you are interested in. This will give you a clear idea of its quality and reliability.

Check the small print

Know whether you'll need to pay for installation, delivery and removal of your old appliance. Call the customer hotline for help if necessary to confirm the small print and check about arrangements for aspects such as the removal of packaging and set up of the new appliance. Don't leave yourself caught out by buying a 'bargain' appliance and then finding that there are a number of additional costs to pay on top to get it in and working!


Try using the chat window on a website to haggle on the price. Most online customers don't do this in a way that they might in-store. It's always worth the ask, especially on a big ticket item!