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Top e-commerce search terms revealed

24 March 2011 - 11:32 by Graham Miller

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In the past week, UK consumers have been searching feverishly for the world's speediest washing machine, according to the latest figures published by Experian Hitwise.

The firm released details about the most searched-for products in the UK last week, with the Russell Hobbs 1200 washing machine taking the top spot, as consumers dashed to get the best deal when shopping online.

The 1200 is rated as being the world's fastest washing machine, according to a report in the Independent. It can handle 7KG of clothes in a wash cycle lasting just 12 minutes, which is significantly faster than most of its rivals.

Other UK item searches which became popular this month were purple wall clocks, which is one of the more bizarre terms to rise to prominence. The memory foam pillows created by Silent Night and sold on Amazon were also popular among consumers, thanks to the claims that they can reduce back pain and ease you with a good night's sleep after a stressful day.

Experian Hitwise revealed some interesting differences between popular search terms for e-commerce users in the UK and those of other international areas. For example, in Australia it was consumers searching for IKEA products which pushed the firm's name to the top of the list, while in Singapore most people were searching for fashion products available from sites offering safe shopping online.

Although Experian Hitwise did not have information about the popularity of search terms in the US, it did reveal that Amazon is continuing to lead the market as the most popular e-commerce site, followed closely by chains like Walmart and Target.

There are obvious differences between the types of goods which are trending in different countries around the world, but it is clear that most consumers want to get a good deal when buying products online and so turn to search engines.