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Tesco criticised for online price issues

31 August 2017 - 09:16 by Mike Price

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A problem with the way that Tesco charges its customers who order groceries via safe shopping online has been brought to light this week after a customer complaint gained traction in the media.

The Mirror reports that Tesco shopper, Phil Pawley, kicked up a fuss when the items he ordered for delivery turned up at his home and he found that he had been charged more than expected because none of the expected discounts had been applied to his bill.

In a statement the supermarket explained that this can occur if time limited offers have expired by the time that the products in question are due to be delivered. Customers may place an order before the deadline, but if delivery is scheduled for after the expiration of the discount then they will be liable to pay the full price.

Tesco said that it has given Mr Pawley the opportunity to accept a refund on the discounts he missed out on as a result of this issue. It has also provided a voucher for him to use to get money off his next order placed via safe shopping online.

Time-limited deals are widely used in bricks and mortar stores and have also made the leap to the world of e-commerce. But the difference between order dates and delivery dates can cause complications, as evidenced in this scandal.

There are clear message provided to customers to let them know if an offer will not be available before they complete an order, according to Tesco. Recommendations about which delivery dates to shift to in order to secure the advertised discounts are also presented on its desktop site and mobile app.

There is clearly a need for greater clarity in this case and Tesco is just one of a number of supermarkets which may need to change their policies in order to avoid upsetting shoppers.