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Ted Baker and Game report on improved online sales

17 November 2014 - 10:55 by Graham Miller

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In the UK, two retailers servicing very different market segments have reported marked sales growth, thanks to shopping online, according to Internet Retailing.

Firstly, Ted Baker revealed that it has seen the number of e-commerce transactions carried out by customers rise by a little over a third in the second half of the year, thanks both to impressive performance in the UK and North America.

Company spokesperson, Ray Kelvin, said that the ability to reach a global audience with safe shopping online was a key factor in boosting sales and building the brand’s reputation overseas.

Electronic entertainment retailer, Game, has also been reliant on the internet to help increase revenues by 17 per cent in the past few months. It has realigned its strategies, so that it put more emphasis on the availability of digital downloads to customers.

The bricks and mortar sale of video games has been in decline for some time, since more and more consumers are able to download titles direct to their PCs and games consoles, without involving a real world retailer in the process.

However, Game does offer digital distribution of titles to customers and this has helped it to remain relevant in a changing marketplace. It has also launched a mobile app, which helps to provide the hundreds of thousands of people who have registered to use it with content and offers that are relevant to their particular gaming interests.

Both Ted Baker and Game have had to adapt in the past few years to ensure that they can court a web-savvy audience in the UK and further afield. With updated e-commerce sites and mobile apps available, this seems like an achievable goal and one which will continue to drive innovation in the retail sector.