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Tax on Plastic Packaging Set to Improved UK Retail Sustainability

20 March 2020 - 09:16 by Simon Crisp

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Next month the government will impose a new tax on plastic packaging, meaning that any firm which imports products into the UK or makes them domestically without at least 30 per cent of the material being recyclable will be liable for a £200 premium per tonne to be levied against them.

This so-called plastics tax is aimed at encouraging more companies to embrace the use of packaging which is made from materials that have already been recycled, saving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Retailers like Tesco have already begun to listen to environmental campaigners and a growing number of consumers with regards to single-use plastics, aiming to cut down on the volumes of packaging which are used to protect products. This tax will further stimulate the necessary changes and give people more choice whether they are buying on the high street or via safe shopping online.

Experts believe that this tax will also help to fuel the growth of the circular economy in Britain, meaning that there will be less waste and lower levels of ecological damage done as a result of consumer activities.

Internet Retailing reports that sustainability specialist David Murray is especially pleased with the announcement, not only because of the way that it will impact the policies of established businesses but also because of how it will shape trends and pave the way for new sustainable start-ups in the coming years.

Making sure that a product is sustainable will be necessary from the first stage of the design phase, with manufacturers needing to look at its entire lifespan and also consider its recyclability further down the line rather than taking a short-term view of its impact on the environment.