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Survey reveals bargain-hunting habits of online shoppers

07 November 2013 - 11:58 by Sarah Collinson

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The results of a study published by, have revealed that a third of people who shop online in the UK use the internet to look out for offers, sales and exclusive deals.

Two thousand people took part in the study, with a fifth revealing that they only ever buy products from the web if they are on offer.

Sixty three per cent of those questioned said that they enjoy the feeling of excitement that they get when shopping during a sale period, which in the e-commerce market, seems to perpetually be in action.

Spokesperson, Shingo Murakami, said that many consumers from the UK are entirely smitten with the idea of sales and will use safe shopping online to get their fix of bargains on a regular basis.

With Christmas on the way, e-commerce sites will be attempting to outdo one another when it comes to the types of offers that they put on the table.

Of course, the good news for retailers is that while consumers will visit a site in order to bag a product at a reduced price, they are also more likely to pick up items at their RRP, if they are already being lured in by offers and deals.

Murakami explained that sales are the online equivalent of a bricks and mortar store's window displays. People get enticed onto a site when they see good prices, but stick around to spend more on standard items.

Londoners were found to be the most likely to seek out offers and sales online, perhaps as a result of the higher costs of living associated with the capital.

Those who are particularly enthusiastic about making savings may be surprised that more people are not just as up for bargain hunting as they are.