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Study Shows Global Hotspots for Mobile Shopping

22 March 2019 - 11:46 by Graham Miller

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A report from Picodi has identified the nations in which people carry out safe shopping online via their smartphones in the largest numbers.

Britain is amongst the leading countries when it comes to m-commerce, yet is unsurprisingly outclassed by some other parts of the world where mobile use is even more prevalent as a result of the connectivity infrastructures that exist there.

Peru sits at the top of the pile, with a whopping 76 per cent of online activity generated by smartphones. While the average order value may be lower than in more developed nations, there is clearly a huge amount of consumer interest in this type of retail experience.

Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam sit just behind Peru in the current rankings, while the first European nation to appear is Finland in fifth place.

The UK manages to make its mark in seventh place, and the average spend is around £50 per transaction. This pales in comparison to the £100 or more that is spent in a typical mobile shopping purchase in places like Australia, Belarus and UEA, although penetration rates are much lower in these places.

Brazil sits at the bottom of the charts for mobile traffic, with just a fifth of retail site visits originating from smartphones. Other places where there is limited m-commerce activity and desktops still reign supreme include Portugal, Poland and Greece.

There are a lot of factors which come into play when determining whether or not consumers want to shop online from their smartphones. In addition to the convenience and availability of these services, the trust that is placed in them needs to be significant enough to encourage ordering, or else it will be tricky to convince people to part with their cash on these kinds of platforms.