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Study Reveals UK’s Cheapest Online Grocery Outlets

14 January 2019 - 09:28 by David Aiken

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Consumer group Which? has released the findings of its latest look into the world of safe shopping online, with a thorough assessment of the supermarkets offering grocery delivery stores conducted to identify the most affordable brand of the current crop.

Morrison’s managed to outshine the competition in spite of the fact that it was very late to the e-commerce game. Analysts discovered that across 77 products that are most commonly added to online grocery baskets, its prices were generally the cheapest.

In terms of undercutting its rivals, Morrison’s managed to achieve a typical basket value of £156.46, according to the Guardian. This is £1.53 less than Asda, which sat in second place on the rankings, and a full £14.33 lower than was achievable at upper-crust supermarket chain Waitrose, which came in last place overall.

Annually it was discovered that choosing to shop online with Morrison’s rather than Waitrose would mean that a consumer could cut their grocery bill by £170. This is a tidy sum and is especially relevant because there would be no need to switch to own-brand products to achieve this saving.

Report spokesperson Harry Rose said that it was important for consumers to realise that they could cut costs on their weekly shop simply by shifting to a different supermarket, especially if they were generally a fan of buying online rather than visiting real-world stores.

Rose also pointed out that even more savings would be available to those who were willing to forego the branded products they usually chose and instead select the supermarket’s own offerings instead. This is an approach which has helped the likes of Aldi and Lidl to gain traction in recent years, even if at the moment neither one of these budget chains offers safe shopping online in the UK.